Donations Needed for 2023

In July and August, 2023, the Scottish Country Dance Teachers’ Association (Canada) (also known as TAC) is holding a SCD Summer School in Halifax.

Our local RSCDS Branch will be providing support services before and during this event. TAC will be budgeting a small amount for the local branch costs.

We will be purchasing snacks and punch makings for after parties, providing transport to/from the airport for some of the staff (teachers and musicians), also between venues for staff needing to carry equipment back and forth.

We will need to park somewhere on or near the Kings’ campus when we are needed on site. Some of us may even need to stay in town overnight occasionally.

We will be providing decorations in the King’s Gym for the dancing and in the Dining Room for the two banquets. There will be a Theme Night which may require more elaborate decorations.

We are considering making mementos for attendees – reminders of Nova Scotia (NS tartan man bands, round tuit rocks, Bell kites, etc.)

Posters for each evening dance will need to be created and hung on the walls or on easels.

We anticipate exceeding the amount provided by TAC for this local support work.


We are asking for your help


RSCDS NS Branch has signed a contract with Dance Nova Scotia, which allows donations destined for the RSCDS NS Branch (to help with the TAC costs) to be made directly to DANS, who will pass the funds directly to the RSCDS NS Branch (no fees except for credit card fees) and then

DANS sends the donor a tax receipt for the full amount.

In order to make donations to the Branch via DANS, you need to use the DANS Donor Form – here


Thank you in advance for your help with this project.